Double-Thick Pot Holder Free Knitting Pattern

This Double-Thick Pot Holder is perfect for those who love to cook in the kitchen for a variety of reasons. First, this Pot Holder is great at what it was made for – holding pots! The texture of this prevents it from sliding around and anchor the pot or pan nicely. The pot holder is knit in layers, which prevents the heat from burning your furniture or causing more harm to it. Second, this is also very efficient to use! There’s a tiny loop at the corner of the pot holder which allows you to hang it up on a rack or store it easily for later use! Moreover, this design is also very visually appealing! There is a seam in the middle that adds to its design and a vibrant color scheme! Thanks Purl SOHO for sharing this wonderful knitting pattern. The link for the free pattern is provided below the photo. Happy knitting and enjoy!

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Double-Thick Pot Holder