Christmas Gift Bag Free Knitting Pattern

Do you want to share your holiday treats and treasures in something sweet and special?What’s better than a reusable gift bag or, even better, what if the gift bag is part of the gift? This Christmas Gift Bag Free Knitting Pattern is a way to make a special gift to someone, without spending too much money, while adding extra value from a handmade and long-lasting gift bag.  It has a drawstring at the top for securing the gifts inside. There are many uses for this bag. You use them to hold gifts, adorn larger packages or around the home as holiday decor. Hang them on the tree with gift cards inside or fill them with mints to set out on your holiday dining table. Thanks Premier Yarns Design Team for sharing this beautiful free knitting pattern. The link for the free pattern is provided below photo. Happy knitting.

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Christmas Gift Bag