Amigurumi Elf Free Knitting Pattern

Christmas elves have always been symbolic of festive cheer, and Bernard is the epitome of joy and happiness. You can’t help but fall head-over-heels for this little chap. It may look like a difficult project, but in fact it is quite straightforward with the Amigurumi Elf Free Knitting Pattern. We have included a few patterns for you to choose from. You can knit a few with different color combination as Christmas gifts.Thanks these designers for sharing these free patterns. The links for the free patterns are provided below photos.  Happy knitting.

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Amigurumi Elf 


Amigurumi Happy Little Elf Free Knitting Pattern

Click below link for free pattern…

 Happy Little Elf 

Amigurumi Elf Free Loom Knitting Pattern

Click below link for free loom pattern…

Amigurumi Elf