Bobble Stitch Blanket Free Knitting Pattern and Video Tutorial

With this extremely enjoyable and satisfying pattern, you can create a gorgeous and soft Bobble Stitch Blanket This is a great pattern for knitters who can already knit and purl, and would like to advance their skills by incorporating bobbles into their knitting. If you are new to knitting bobbles (or would like a refresher), you will be happy to know that this pattern includes a video demo for your convenience! Furthermore, this pattern is exceedingly beautiful and gorgeous! Its simplistic edge and designs is what makes it truly unique and a treasure to create! It’s also very soft, providing extra comfort and complete softness when you sleep or cuddle with it! Thanks Leelee Knits for sharing this beautiful free knitting pattern. The link for the free pattern is provided below the photo. Happy knitting and enjoy!

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Bobble Stitch Blanket